Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bridal Shower Invitations

A girl that I taught in Young Women’s, I should mention she is also a friend, a long time babysitter of my kids and many more other things to me too, none the less she is getting married!  I have had so much fun getting to help plan her shower!  I cant believe all of the fun ideas and things out there now days!  Her colors are a deep purple and a darker limey green.  I came up with these invites for the PARTA!  I cant wait!  I will post pictures of all of the details after it happens!

October 2010 00034 October 2010 00032

FIFTY of them, count em!  (she is a popular girl)

The helpers, notice ALL of the GLUE!

October 2010 00030 October 2010 00031   The shower is Saturday, I hope it goes as well as I have it planned in my crazy brain!