Monday, May 24, 2010

Message Board

I have seen these cute message boards all over blog land and have been wanting one, I am ALWAYS forgetting to take stuff back, bowls, library books, etc. I put this right at the back door so hopefully I wont be as forgetful now!

I had been looking for the right frame for a while when I found this one hanging on my own wall downstairs. {this was the ONLY thing hanging on any of the walls down stairs, one day I will decorate down there}.

I have had this for a while, I got it when we lived at the little white house, I got it from a yard sale. I just took out the glass and painted the frame black. I hot glued the fabric on the cardboard backing and put it all back together. I didn't spend a dime, I already owned all of the makings. Emma has loved writing on it more than me, but that is just great, she has quite the list, candy and bug juice at Pipers, for Emma. VERY important! Funny girl!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Little Girls Book Shelf

I picked up this little shelf at my favorite little thrift store. I primed it and painted it with my gallon of oops paint. It turned out perfect for Claire's new room. I don't have to have a traditional book shelf to take up room, this little one can hang on the wall and hold all the books she needs! I hung it low for her to be able to reach, she loves it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Design Dilemma

I need input! I found a couple of chairs at the thrift store today,
Aren't they just to DIE for!
SO, I obviously am painting and recovering them and I thought for sure I would want them to be, white, I really like white lately, BUT

with the table NOT being white, should I have painted them black? I like black too, I just thought ladder back chairs should be white, {they don't have to be, I just envisioned them that way} I just LOVE the way they turned out, BUT I'm just not sure if it goes? Or does it go well enough? My camera is on its last leg, and is giving me terrible pictures, sorry, I hope you can get the jest of it:

Aren't they lovely!! So what do you think? I think the brown seat will go fine with a black chair too, so I wouldn't have to change the seat cover, just repaint. I have two completely done, and two that are primed and ready to be painted, but do I go black, and repaint them all or just paint the last two white and call it good? My farmer husband says leave them white, but he is just saying that so I don't go re-do something that I have already done, he hates it when I do that, so I cant trust his advice, besides, he is no Candace Olsen if you know what I mean!! I CANT DECIDE!!!??

Thursday, May 13, 2010

.51 Cents

That's all it cost for this rustic book shelf for Justin's story books! I think I might be a LITTLE obsessed with Ana's blog! She just has such cool projects that I have to try! I had to buy a scrap 1x4 from Home Depot for .51 cents, but they gave me the old used pallet for free. I just had to screw the 1x4 to the bottom of the pallet that I cut up and WALLA: we have a shelf, or two actually, you can make at least 2 shelves from 1 pallet. They are VERY rustic, it took some sanding to get it a little more kid friendly, but I think it is totally fun in his room.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Farmhouse Twin Sized Bed

I finished the big girl bed! I am not sure we, {she} is ready for it, but I am ready to be done with the crib so we will see how tonight goes! Hopefully she wont fall out of it, this bed is TALL, she looks like the princess and the pea up on it! She is excited and so am I. {The crib is going to stay up for a couple of days just to make sure though!} Thanks again to Knock Off Wood for great plans and fun building!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dining Chair Re-cover

My SIL Sara found a cute table and chairs on Craigslist just before she had the baby.
They were each covered a little differently, I'm not really sure why, but we recovered them all to match. We were in a mad rush to get them all done, which we did. They were easy and fast, it took maybe and hour for both of us, I'm pretty sure we spent more time picking the fabric then the actual project!
AFTER: They turned out really cute! I cant get the other pictures with the entire finished project to turn upright so this is the best I can do!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Doll Clothes Storage

The girls are both into their American Girl Dolls right now and we don't have a great place to keep all of their clothes and accessories. Actually Ash has been keeping her clothes in a nice pile under her nightstand and Emma's are in a little clear plastic tote. I kept seeing these old suitcases at the thrift store and kept trying to figure out how I could make it cute. Well I bought a good clean one and brought it home and spray painted it RED! Ashley picked the color. It turned out fun:I added some vinyl stickers made from my cricut and some starry fabric to the handle to help add to the cuteness factor! She loves it!
Emma's storage I also found at the thrift store,

It was a cute little shelf made to look like it was for mail. I don't think it really was used for mail, it just looks like it. We painted the inside green and the rest white. It turned out kinda cute too!
I love the little metal number strips, they popped right off for painting and then I just nailed them back on once it was dry.

Hopefully it will be easier to keep their bedrooms clean??? Yeah right!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two Tiered Platter

I have been wanting a cupcake platter for a long time, and I can find them for around 40 dollars, but I didn't want to fork over that much for something we wont use very often. Anyway I have seen this a couple of places and finally found the perfect candlesticks to make it.

You just need two thrift store candlesticks for 1.50 each and two plates of your choice. These were at Walmart for $1, and $1.50, for a grand total of $5.50! I took some E6000 which I usually use for making hair bows, you can get it at Walmart or any craft store. I have heard lots of people say they use it for all of their glass glueing, and it goes on clear and dries clear so you wont see it. It was quick and easy, now I need to make something to serve on it!

This little pretty should come in handy when we are using the chocolate fountain too!