Friday, May 6, 2011

Flower Pins

I finally found a flower I could make, I have tried a couple of different ones and haven't had much success.  But this one I could do!  I found it over at  Jones Design Company She is doing a week of flowers.  They are all pretty cool!  Here is my rendition of them;



I made them from a polyester fabric, all polyester is not the same though.  The black was much more stiff, which I liked, and didn’t catch on fire as easily as the purple.  I am excited to go some where so I can wear mine!  I also made a couple for my Mom and Mother in Law for Mothers Day, now I need to get them sent!

I made a couple of little girl felt flowers too this week, they were really simple and Springy!  I found this idea at  The Sisters 4.  I made a couple more but they are off at school and down to Grandma Violets house, but they were simple and they turned out cute!






I love a good flower or hair bow and was happy to find some I could create!