Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Girls Beds

So I finally got started on the girls room.  We sort of have wrapped up the basement re-model and the tools kept moving from place to place until I got tire of them and hauled them out to the shed.  I don’t think we will have much more progress down there until next winter.  BUT I am so happy with all that we got done.  It is a fun space to be in!

So, back to the girls rooms.  I have been loving the iron beds that are so popular right now.  They had them on Downton Abbey in the servants rooms.  I of course could find some fantastic ones online for $1,000 a piece, but I think Ryan would have cried if I spent that much on twin beds. 

So I have been searching craigslist and finally came across an old rusty antique iron bed.  I drove to get it immediately.  I asked her if she had more, and she had these two that I bought instead! 


They don’t match each other but I think the girls are happy with that, and I was happy just to find something and at a craigslist price! I am excited to paint them up and get them in their room. It is coming together nicely!