Friday, December 30, 2011

Teacher Christmas Gift

For Justin’s Kindergarten teacher we made this cute wall hanging for her classroom.  I found it on Pinterest and it was really simple and quick to make.  I love all of the colors.  I did feel guilty snapping all of those brand new crayons though!



(You pronounce her name Mrs. Fox)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding At{tie}r

We have finally been at the sewing machine again!  It has been months, it seems like it goes like that though,nothing at all, and then hours of neck braking projects!  Our favorite Uncle Cody is getting married the first of November and so we have been working on something to wear for the kids.  The colors are white, black, green, and yellow.  Whitny was very thoughtful and let adults wear black which was easy for me to find for myself.  The girls yellow wasn’t to hard,  if I wanted to spend over $100 smackers for a dress.  SO SO cute dresses, but not practical to me.  Anyway I found Claires dress for cheap on clearance but didn’t think it was dressy enough for the occasion. 


She looks fantastic in yellow, I need to keep that in mind!  One of my favorite dresses that was only $98 was a tulle skirt with black damask top.  I used that idea to dress up Claire’s $7 dress.  She had it on this morning for breakfast complete with super girl mask and hat!



It turned out cute, I wish my sewing abilities were better, but I am so not a perfectionist and it shows!

The little boys are supposed to wear green or yellow ties.  I have seen lots of cute ties on line and found a simple tutorial and whipped out a couple of boys ties.  They turned out cute and I am excited to make ties for holidays and Easter now!


The boys wouldn’t cooperate for a picture on Sunday, imagine that!  I am glad to now have everyone’s reception clothes done for next week!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Flower Pins

I finally found a flower I could make, I have tried a couple of different ones and haven't had much success.  But this one I could do!  I found it over at  Jones Design Company She is doing a week of flowers.  They are all pretty cool!  Here is my rendition of them;



I made them from a polyester fabric, all polyester is not the same though.  The black was much more stiff, which I liked, and didn’t catch on fire as easily as the purple.  I am excited to go some where so I can wear mine!  I also made a couple for my Mom and Mother in Law for Mothers Day, now I need to get them sent!

I made a couple of little girl felt flowers too this week, they were really simple and Springy!  I found this idea at  The Sisters 4.  I made a couple more but they are off at school and down to Grandma Violets house, but they were simple and they turned out cute!






I love a good flower or hair bow and was happy to find some I could create!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Red Chair

I bought this chair a year ago in Spokane for $3.  Feb 2011 00061

I don't think I had a plan in mind for it, I guess that is why it has sat out in the shed for a year!  Well I was finally inspired by one of Jenna’s purchases at Ikea this past week:jens red chair

(I don't think this is the exact chair she bought, but it is still cute like hers)

When the girls had Presidents day off we went to work.  Ashley and I put three coats of red on this cute little chair and it goes so nicely in her room!

Feb 2011 00065  Feb 2011 00063 Feb 2011 00064

I'm glad it finally has a home!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Trip Full of Inspiration!

I took an overnighter trip with some of my SIL’s to the great Salt Lake Valley to pick up some new furniture and to get some more inspiration ideas.  Here is the starting point for the boys room (currently Claire’s room) 

I LOVE the stars, we are going to kind of keep the star, cowboy, rustic theme.  Mostly blues and their dresser/changing table is red.  I picked up the down comforter and duvet cover this weekend and need to get going on the star quilt.  I also have to make Justin’s headboard for it all to go on! 

I am debating on using the white crib or the wood crib.  I think I will stain Justin's headboard (instead of painting it) so the wood crib will match better, but I will need to see once I get it all together.  My big hold up now is paint color, I can NOT decide on a color for this room.  I don't want brown, which I think would be the best, I want it lighter, any ideas?  I don't want light blue, I was thinking maybe a gold color, but you can go really wrong with gold.  I have a sample painted on the wall already that is proof of that!  The kids thought it looked like throw up, sorry to be gross, but I had to agree!  Anyway I loved this little storage  piece from Hobby Lobby, it has grey trim, maybe I should go grey in their room?Feb 2011 00055

Feb 2011 00056

It is so rustic and fun!  I like the wood with the grey, surely I could make this right?  Anyway…..I have to get going with paint soon, I need to start finish getting baby gear ready and don't have a place to put it yet. Too many choices!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Mantel


Here is the winter mantel from the funeral homeNovember 2010 00023 November 2010 00024 November 2010 00025

I took a  picture of all of the trim work too, it was so pretty!

November 2010 00026