Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I think I need to move on to another room, I need some professional help though, professional DESIGN help…. maybe a little professional mental help too, depends on the day!  I just got done telling Sara I was going to get rid of the white table.  I just am not loving it.  It was one of my MANY failed attempts at antiquing/ distressing/ whatever turned out looking like junk.  It doesn’t look that bad from the BEFORE picture, but it was!  103_2631

SO I painted it a fresh clean coat of white.  Then I added the most darling perfect gray (is it gray or grey?) stripes ever!  They were perfect!  Until I got to stripe number three, then they all went down hill from there.  I just should not have been lazy and sanded the top first, but I wanted just to paint, much easier, but not really when it all started peeling off.  I ended up having to sand it all and distress it more than I wanted in the end.  I think it is my new favorite thing in the room though, it turned out pretty fun!  Maybe I wont get rid of it, not yet anyway!


Did you notice that tiny white spot at the end of the sidewalk?  Look again (after you admire those awesome stripes)  It’s little brother.  He is headed to Grandma’s house I guess!  He is just so outta here all the time!


So in it came, I have nothing to put on it.  Claire suggested her ponies. 


I love how it totally goes with the other stripes in the room, but not too matchy, match. 


Don’t you love those fun flowers on the yellow pillow.  They just kind of  happened out of the scraps!  I was afraid they would not stand up to washing though so I just safety pinned them on so they can be removed.  What would you put on that super cute table?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grays and Yellows

I cant ever love this living room, it is long and skinny and doesn’t have full walls, (because of the window and banister)  I cant ever get it just right, so I continue to change it and change it.  I need some fresh perspective, maybe a shopping trip???  I am liking the grays and yellows and so I changed out my dark reds and browns finally.  I have been wanting to do that for a while but my curtains and pillows are really nice quality so I didn’t want them to get tossed.  The curtains may, but the pillows I could recover.  I love the colors, they are just what I want, but it seems a little beachy, probably because of all of the white (or maybe it is the swimsuit model).  Whatever, it is what it is until I change my mind again.  Long story short, here are the pictures. 




could you even tell a difference??

They had the most perfect lampshades on clearance at Target and I didn’t get them, I am so mad at myself.  I hope they are still there on Monday when I go back.


I want to add something to frame the kids pictures out a little more.  Hey at least they are all there and only Rett’s is outdated.  All of the walls need help, if I knew what I wanted I would probably have it but I don’t.


I think my fave part are the curtains, although Mom just informed me that curtains pooling on the floor isn’t “in” anymore.  I am always so last season!  (or last 2 seasons ago!)


I'm thinking I need to repaint my two tables, maybe gray with dark tops?  I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be fun to paint the piano …… Ryan already told me no.  bummer. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little White

I have been wanting to paint our french doors white for a while, but haven't been in the mood to paint anything!  When the desire to paint comes I try to paint as much as I can in one day, and then I get burnt out for a while again, oh well such is life I guess!  I couldn’t get a great picture because the sun was shining in so bright.  Here is the before:


It is pretty stark!


But clean looking, and fresh. 


I want to hang some long curtains on each side, but I am not sure there would be room. 


I also have to paint that GOLD handle!  I finished painting all of the hall trim, and FINALLY painted the kitchen ceiling!!  That has needed it for a long time!  I am going to finish all of these unfinished projects before I get into any new ones, and I want to start on some new ones, soon.  Hopefully I can stay disciplined to finish first!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spray Paint on My Finger

It has been a while since I have sprayed anything.  Like over a year!  I had my eye out for one of these step stools that I remember Aunt Annette having in her kitchen, it was the coolest ever, every one wanted a turn sitting on it for lunch.  Thinking about that now it may only cause contention in our house fighting over it! 


I did finally find one last summer at a little thrift shop.  It was 3 dollars and works perfectly, but left a lot to be desired!  Over the past 6 months or so it has been out in the shed being used to mix milk replacer and all sorts of other nastyness on it.  I got determined to finally get it looking better so I scrubbed it all down with hot soapy water and the hose.  I took it apart as much as I dared, I’m not so good at putting things back together!  I picked up paint and fabric right after I found it,  and I thought it was a grey paint, but it is very silver.  I may repaint it gray with a yellow floral fabric on top.  It may not stay anyway, (if I cant stand the fighting) so for now it looks like this:


With my boy model!


It is definitely getting spray painting kind of weather!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Dresses

I was in search of a sailor dress for my girls for Easter and came across this all cotton dress at Walmart. It is not sailor, but it does have the blue and whites I wanted.


I was excited because they were cheap, or I mean inexpensive.  I felt like they were a little to plain for Church, especially Easter Sunday.  SO…


I added some tulle to the bottom and a cute sweater from Childrens place and it is looking much more DARling!  Claire just loves being my model, for real!


The big girls needed new shoes and I wanted to get them all matching but Claire has gobbs of shoes in every color so I didn’t want to get her new ones.  The girl at Payless talked me into these cute little flower clips.  So I bought the plain white cheapy (inexpensive) shoes for the big girls and dressed them up with some fluff.


There was no way I was going to spend 5 smackers on ONE of those little puffs though so I just made them myself for about 3 dollars for ALL six of them.





I can change them out and make more to match with different dresses, I’m so glad she showed me them.  They just have a tiny alligator clip on the back, so we could actually put them anywhere, hair, shirt, little brothers paws ……wherever. 


It was a super fun and quick project, I haven't been in front of that sewing machine enough lately!


Most importantly the girls loved their new dresses!


(the boys weren’t left out they got new navy ties and were just as excited as the girls were!)