Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Handkerchief Skirt

I found this cute hankie skirt and had to try it. I found lots of cute hankies at walmart, I didn't know they even carried them. I think I am going to need some red hankies for this summer, wont Claire look so cute at the parades, rodeos, and fairs this summer! I think we also have a little niece in Nebraska that would look cute in a hankie skirt, hankies are going on the shopping list!Ash has been begging for an skirt for her doll. She will be happy with me tonight, I better get one made for Emma too.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Twirly Skirts and A New Felt Flower

I had to make the girls some white twirly skirts to go with their new green sweaters. The whole outfit turned out cute. I added the green felt flower with velcro so it can be changed out, maybe I will make a fourth of July flower to go on them, or a Valentine one, the possibilities are endless! I just love all of the green out there, it is so fresh and fun! Perfect for this time of year! So I didn't do a tutorial on the flower but it is just 5 circles, the bottom circle will be the base and you just lay it flat and fold over the other circles, one at a time and stitch or hot glue them on. Then add a button or whatever to the center. I made a couple to go in their hair too. I ♥ green, flowers, twirly skirts, and my little girls!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Living Room Changes

I am getting a little tired of the dark colors in the living room, especially this time of year when I am thinking Spring! I am not willing to go to all of the work of repainting just yet, I know shocking, I usually paint and repaint at the first thought of a new favorite color, but I haven't found that favorite yet I guess?? So for now I just added some white to all of that black, These were all clear, two of them were some fancy kind of salad dressing bottles from my MIL, one was from the thrift store and the other I already owned. I just spray painted them all white and they turned out kind of fun.

I have always wanted a topiary and I saw a blog somewhere, (I am terrible about keeping track)
where she made her own, so I did too, I already had everything I needed in my crafting collection except the moss, so I bought some really green moss, I like it, really springy! Oh and you have to love the basket with Easter eggs in it, Claire carries it all around the house, just practicing I guess! (I think the basket is a golf ball basket, not really sure, I have never golfed, but I got it at a thrift store and painted it black.)

Then this idea was from my SIL, she gave me the wood to make it in fact. I just hoge poged the scrapbook paper to it and found the Live, Laugh, Loves at Michaels for a dollar each. I think I will hang it in the office/craft room, but for now it is in the living room brightening it all up a bit!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Twirly Skirts

I found this tutorial at shedoeshair.blogspot for the twirly skirts. I made 6 kid sized ones and 3 American Girl sized ones last week! They are so fun and easy (and fast to make). I am SO NOT a seamstress, I cant even sew a straight line, but these I could do so anyone can! I was excited for my girls to all be matching, but I didn't buy enough or the flowery print, by the time I got back to the store they had sold it ALL! I was bummed, but the brown that I made for Claire was a coordinating print, so it worked out OK. Poor Justin kept asking me to sew something for him to wear to Sunday. Boys just aren't as much fun for making things. He insisted on wearing his snowflake vest to church, oh well, it is technically still snowy here, we keep thinking spring though! They were NOT cooperating for a picture, you get what ya get!

Bathroom Accessory

I have seen these cute framed numbers a couple of different places on the net, I just had to have some for my kids bathroom. The only problem is Justin insists on his towel being under the 4, he is NOT 3 anymore!
I just bought 4 little frames from the dollar store, took the glass out of them and spray painted them black. Then I cut out some vinyl letters using my CRICUT, that I LOVE, and stuck them on the glass. I wanted the wall to show through, I am just tickled with the way it turned out! I don't know what I will do when baby # 5 comes....... We will worry about that later!