Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding At{tie}r

We have finally been at the sewing machine again!  It has been months, it seems like it goes like that though,nothing at all, and then hours of neck braking projects!  Our favorite Uncle Cody is getting married the first of November and so we have been working on something to wear for the kids.  The colors are white, black, green, and yellow.  Whitny was very thoughtful and let adults wear black which was easy for me to find for myself.  The girls yellow wasn’t to hard,  if I wanted to spend over $100 smackers for a dress.  SO SO cute dresses, but not practical to me.  Anyway I found Claires dress for cheap on clearance but didn’t think it was dressy enough for the occasion. 


She looks fantastic in yellow, I need to keep that in mind!  One of my favorite dresses that was only $98 was a tulle skirt with black damask top.  I used that idea to dress up Claire’s $7 dress.  She had it on this morning for breakfast complete with super girl mask and hat!



It turned out cute, I wish my sewing abilities were better, but I am so not a perfectionist and it shows!

The little boys are supposed to wear green or yellow ties.  I have seen lots of cute ties on line and found a simple tutorial and whipped out a couple of boys ties.  They turned out cute and I am excited to make ties for holidays and Easter now!


The boys wouldn’t cooperate for a picture on Sunday, imagine that!  I am glad to now have everyone’s reception clothes done for next week!