Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Head Board

I finally built MYSELF a headboard!  Every kid in this house has a headboard, or bed frames of some sort but us!  My poor bedroom is always last to get any attention.  I came across this idea a while ago, but was re-inspired this week to go ahead and DO IT!  I am pleased with the results.  It was inexpensive and quick which I LOVE!

November 2010 00005

My favorite part are the “tuft” buttons.

November 2010 00007  November 2010 00006

Yes, my room needs more help, and YES, I am currently reading ALL of those books stacked on my nightstand!

Bridal Shower

Im finally getting around to posting Bridal Shower pictures, which turned out horrible, and I was trying to run the shower at the same time, so I am pretty disappointed in how these came out.  It really was a nice shower!

We served croissant sandwiches,  fruit pizza (not shown) and doughnuts.  With quite a selection of drinks, cider, hot cocoa and ice water.  I took the pictures before I set out all of the food, so it is a little bare.October 2010 00075 October 2010 00076 October 2010 00077

Gift table:  her colors were really fun to work with, I was nervous about them together, but they look SO good!  She did good on her choices!

October 2010 00078

Party favors:  they had a little save the date tag attached to them.  My kids called them Happy Meals!  They were just a little candy treat inside and were fun to put together.October 2010 00079

October 2010 00080