Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Last Week’s Progress

The trusses and sheeting went up all in one day, I think.  It was really quick anyway.  It has been fun to see a lot of progress in a little time. 


I thought it would take a crane to get the trusses up but they did it with two guys up on ladders on each side and one guy (16 year old boy) pushing the truss up to them.  I left for about an hour and they had all of them up but two!  I am sure they didn’t want to spend all day long doing that miserable heavy job!


The next day they sheeted the roof.  It is ready for shingles.  Ryan had to bow out of that job.  He really wanted to roof it himself (I think, (I know) he likes to do the work himself, but spring is here and potatoes are being shipped starting two days ago!  He is not here to eat dinner, let alone put on a roof.






This is still pretty much how it looks today still.  They have been working almost every day, just not on anything that makes it “look” any different. 

I did go pick siding, doors, and garage doors yesterday.  That was fun.  I picked this board and batten siding, we are painting it white.board and batten sideing

These are the garage doors.  Ryan really wants windows in them though, so they may change if it isn’t to pricey.  He is worried about not having enough light in the garage.  I would love them with windows!


garage door

And we just went with the nine pane doors, to add more light, but I didn’t want them too inviting.  I get tired of people coming in the mudroom door.  I don’t know why people in Idaho cant use the front door!  Drives me crazy! 

nine pane door

The windows are just a white vinyl with no panes.  Im not totally sure, but I think this house just may turn into the house of my dreams!  Ryan is doing a good job providing it for us.  I feel blessed!

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  1. I hope all you picked is in the budget. Really like all of the choices. Now waiting for the utility to go in.