Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Laundry Room

This week we have started on electrical and (need to be started on) Plumbing.  The plumbing is supposed to get started tomorrow, I hope!  I am ready to start seeing sheet rock!

I had 5, yes 5 can lights installed in the laundry room.  The electrician said I should have no problem doing my laundry now!  I hope he is right!


The laundry room got built last week, it is 10 x 12, in order to be level with the existing house it had to be raised up about 4 feet.


That left this little cubby, storage area underneath. 


Then came the stairs, the reason why we started this project was because we didn’t have stairs coming into the house since we poured our cement pad over 2 years ago!  2 years with out stairs is a long time, but worth it in the end, now I have a garage, and stairs!





I love the stairs, they are so wide and not tall, just right.  These are roughed in for building purposes, they will be finished with that Trex type decking material.  Ryan’s one splurge.  I wish I only had one splurge.  The most used phrase around our house goes something like, “well we might as well do this….., or we are only going to build this garage once, we may as well do this…..”

I think it is going to turn out great!


The window went in yesterday, the washer and dryer will go right under it with the sink in the corner next to the house.  So, Sink, Washer, then dryer.


This wall will have cabinets and folding counter, and corner coat closet.


We did get siding ordered, hopefully plumbing and electrical roughed in this week, and colors picked out. I need to pick out exterior lights (4 of them, yikes!) and laundry room flooring.  It is getting closer, but yet still lots to do!


The kids were so excited that there were 6 ladders in the garage!!  It has been a bit scary trying to keep them off of them.  Emma was bouncing the basketball from the top! Everyone wants to be right in the middle of the construction, I am doing my best to keep them OUT of it!  Hopefully I have lots of progress to post next week!

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