Saturday, April 24, 2010

Farmhouse Table and Rustic Benches

We got them finished, it ended up being a team effort thanks to Ryan and lots of rain, we love rain here, it is a novelty! Anyway Ryan made me finish this correctly, he is a perfectionist, I, well, not so much. He informed me that I would be a good framer because I like to get the job started and then leave it for someone else to finish. I think he is right, I do love to paint, or do I just love the look of a freshly painted room? I'm not quite sure anymore? The point is I am glad he came through to help me finish it off, he bought me a few new tools that I have yet to get to try, but I will. We stained the legs dark walnut and the top and benches golden oak and then put a polyurethane over the top surfaces. It was a great project all receipts added up, it was about $150.00. {That doesn't count the new tools} Now I have just got to decide which project to do next!?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Farmhouse Table

I got it done! Sort of, I still have to stain it and seal it, which are the fun/easy parts I think? I am so pleased with the way it came out. I need to build some benches to go with it which should be easy peasy right?? I got the plans from I have a list of all of the other things I want to make next! Her blog ROCKS! Other than being completely covered in sawdust I am thrilled with the turnout! I cant believe I could really do this! How cool!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tea Party Table

My shed is looking like one of the latest episodes of "Hoarders" SO I told myself, (before my husband had to tell me) that I could not do any thrifting until some of these projects got finished. So today, despite the terrible un-cooperating weather I have been outside working. I got Claire's little tea party table finished. It is just darling! Here is a before:
AND after:
Gotta ♥ those little pudgy pink fingers!
I have started using primer on all of my spraying projects, it is the BEST, YOU MUST PRIME before you paint, it turns our tons better!
I distressed it very little, I had a hard time distressing all of that hard work, It took lots of thin layers of paint to look nice and smooth and no drips. I can see lots of Dora puzzles being put together here in the future! Now to find the right chairs.....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

For My Sister

I am doing some searching for my sister who lives in rural Wyoming, (I realized when I typed that {rural Wyo part} what part of Wyoming isn't rural?? (its a great state) it just has NO shopping sources besides the store that rhymes with Bawl Smart. I found this lovely little silver tray for her night stand, and it was priced just right, $1.50. I hope she can use it in her total transformation of her basement master bedroom. It is turning out really pretty! Next I would like to find something with some height, candlesticks or something. I just cant wait for our sister reunion in June to show off my favorite thrift stores to my sisters! It will be so fun!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Door Headboards

We have been busy with the girls rooms this week. What a fun Spring Break for two little girls right??? They didn't think so much! I have been wanting to do a door headboard in my room and had the door already painted black it just never felt right for our room though. SO a year later I am putting them up in the girls rooms. I painted Ashley's Shallow Sea Ultra Behr:

Sisters, do you recognize her chandelier??? It came all the way from Seattle in my suitcase!!

Emma's paint is called Shamrock, also by Behr.

Don't you love the two door knobs! They are so shabby!
I just bought those sample paints because I didn't think I would need a whole gallon of Shamrock green! It was just the right amount I got two coats on each of them. I am excited for the end results of their rooms! I am doing something cool on the focal wall behind the headboard too, I have one more thing to finish and then I will post it too! So fun! The girls do LOVE how they turned out, they are happy!